Pastor's Desk February 11, 2018

Feb 9, 2018

  • The theme… connecting today’s first reading and Gospel is “leprosy.” In biblical times, lepers were treated as outcasts. In a figurative sense, we have lepers in our society as well. We’re called to treat others with compassion, dignity, and respect. May we be agents of God’s healing and love, following the example of Jesus in today’s Gospel. 
  • Today… we also observe “World Marriage Day.” At all of our parish masses this weekend, a blessing of married couples takes place. We especially congratulate those married couples from our parish who observe a significant anniversary this year. 
  • Lent begins… this Wednesday. Please see our “Parish Lenten Schedule” on the next page for a listing of the many opportunities we’re offering for spiritual growth during this holy season. 
  • The annual Parish Share Program (PSP)… has begun! Letters were mailed just a few days ago to all of our parishioners explaining the nature of this program, which supports the many services our Diocese offers. Our diocesan assessment this year is $94,682, which is slightly higher than last year’s goal. Please be as generous in your response as you can. Thanks! 
  • Please remember… to return the baby bottles that were recently given after Mass to the boxes in the back of the church. Your spare change will be used to help the pro-life group “Human Coalition” (formerly known as the South Hills Pregnancy Resource Center.)