Pastor's Desk March 4, 2018

Mar 2, 2018

  • They are called… the “Ten Commandments,” not the “Ten Suggestions!” We hear God giving the Commandments to Moses in today’s first reading from the Book of Exodus. Do we view these commandments as something restrictive, or as something that helps guarantee freedom and love to all people? May we truly believe the words of today’s responsorial psalm that we sing: “Lord, you have the words of everlasting life.” 
  • At the 11:00 mass this weekend… our young people who are preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation in the fall take part in a “Rite of Enrollment.” May they know the warmth of God’s Spirit! 
  • The annual second collection… for the Campaign for Human Development, Catholic Home Missions Appeal, and for the Black and Indian Missions will be held next weekend, March 10/11. Your generosity will be a great help to those in need. 
  • Plan to take advantage… of the opportunities we are offering for spiritual growth during this Lenten season. Check our parish Lenten calendar included again in this week’s bulletin.