Pastor's Desk October 1, 2017

Sep 29, 2017

  • In today’s Gospel… A father asked his sons to work in the vineyard. One son said no (!) but changed his mind later. The other son said yes, but did not go! A good lesson for us is that we have the power to admit our mistakes, change our minds, and consequently change our hearts! This can be a very humbling experience, yet we experience a real sense of peace by doing so. 
  • The special second collection this weekend… is for the victims of Hurricane Irma, which caused devastating damage in the Caribbean, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and both Carolinas. Most proceeds from the collection will go to Catholic Charities USA both for immediate needs, such as food and clean water, and for long-term recovery and rebuilding. Some funds will also be distributed to affected dioceses through the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, to help parishes in devastated areas with repairs, rebuilding and pastoral ministry. The collection takes place two weeks after an identical appeal to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. 
  • Today… is Respect Life Sunday. May we treasure the lives God has given us, and may we see all life as God’s gift. 
  • The month of October… is traditionally a month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The rosary is prayed in our church after the weekday 9:00 morning mass. Consider praying the rosary at church or at home, perhaps for respect life intentions.