Pastor's Desk September 24, 2017

Sep 22, 2017

  • It just doesn’t seem fair… that the laborers in today’s Gospel who worked for only an hour got paid the same as those who worked a full day! But no one was cheated, as those who worked the full day got what was promised to them. The moral of the story is that all that we have is a gift from God. It’s not up to us to limit God’s generosity. As Isaiah says in today’s first reading, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord.” Let’s not be jealous of what others have, but rather give thanks for what we’ve been given. 
  • Manifesting the Kingdom… This afternoon at St. Paul Cathedral, Bishop Zubik will present the “Manifesting the Kingdom” award to representatives from each parish in the Diocese, honoring them for the ways they generously give themselves to enrich the life of their parish. Several months ago, each pastor was asked to nominate an individual or couple. I asked our parishioners for ideas, and received a number of worthy names to consider. At St. John Capistran, we have so many good people deserving of an award! 

We congratulate Lynn Hogan, who has been chosen to receive the award from our church. Lynn is an exemplary parishioner. She is always willing to use her gifts for our parish community. For twelve years, Lynn served as facilitator of our parish RCIA team. She is one of our lectors, and coordinated our lector schedule for several years. Lynn has also led our Advent and Lent Scripture Sharing sessions. She is a participant in our parish Evangelization Committee, and leads our Hospitality Team. For several years, Lynn was also a member of the diocesan Pastoral Council, and currently serves on our parish Pastoral Council. Congratulations, Lynn, and thanks for all that you do and have done for us. 

  • We’re off to a great start… with our catechetical year! We’re grateful that so many of our parishioners volunteer as catechists, aides, and substitute teachers. We’re always looking for more helpers. If interested, contact our Director of Religious Education, Denise DeCapria. 
  • “On Mission”… As I mentioned at Mass last weekend, we are only a year away from how the diocesan “On Mission for the Church Alive” process will affect our parish. Although Bishop Zubik has not made any final decisions yet, we are presently grouped with St. Thomas More parish. Here’s the current understanding as to how it will affect us here at St. John Capistran: In April 2018, Bishop Zubik will announce the name of the new pastor and parochial vicar, and determine the number of Masses that each grouping will have. Beginning September 2018, the pastor will serve as pastor of both St. John Capistran and St. Thomas More. The pastor will determine a new Mass schedule for both parishes. The Diocese will give the new pastor a “blueprint” of things to accomplish within three years in order to merge the two parishes into one, including combining both parish’s pastoral councils, finance councils, liturgical ministries, religious education programs, and parish organizations. A new name will be chosen for the parish. St. John Capistran and St. Thomas More will then be known as “missions” of the new parish. We’ve been told that both facilities will in some manner be kept open. Please keep the process in your prayers.