Mens Fellowship





  • To raise awareness among Catholic men of their need to re-experience the spiritual awakening they originally received at their baptism. (Conversion)
  • To encourage men to seek opportunities for faith formation. (Formation)
  • To affirm and encourage our clergy while enthusiastically teaching men how to pro-actively support their Catholic faith at the family, parish and community levels. (Mobilization)

 Time:   every other Wednesday – 7:00 – 8:30 PM

 Material and Format

  • Opening songs
  • Praise: The men are led in a quiet expression of praise to the Lord
  • We will be using the workbook “Signposts: How to be a Catholic Man in the World Today” as our primary reference book. Other books, CD’S , etc. will be used as appropriate to faith formation.
  • Scripture and paragraphs from the Catechism of the Catholic Church are read: Short passages in support of the discussion theme are read by different men and comments on the readings are encouraged
  • Discussion: Comments are “drawn out” relating to the theme. The Spirit moves men to listen, share, pray and open up to the Lord.
  • Spontaneous Witness: Members are encouraged to describe the Lord’s action in their lives through family, friends and work as well as answers to prayers.
  • Business: A brief time for announcements or other business including socials.
  • Closing prayer: A “summary” prayer, if appropriate, and the Lord’s Prayer


Outside activities

  • Annual Gathering of Catholic Men
  • Annual Retreat at St Paul’s      Monastery
  • Other projects as needed in Parish and outside

Each group member’s commitment:

  • Attitudes – openness and frankness, with a large dose of charity.
  • Communications – all are encouraged to participate and share their insight, although no  one will be required to.
  • Preparation – we agreed as a group that the material should be read and the answers to the questions thought out and prayed about prior to the meeting. We want to avoid shooting from the hip during the meeting which can be counterproductive.