Pastor's Desk April 8, 2018

Apr 6, 2018

  • The season of Easter… lasts for a full fifty days! Christ’s resurrection is reason to celebrate! In today’s gospel, the risen Christ appears to his disciples, and gives them the gift of peace. Since Thomas wasn’t there, he didn’t at first believe that the other disciples had seen the Lord. But then he believed, crying out, “My Lord and my God!” Sometimes we, too, might doubt. But let’s never give up on our faith journey. May we make Thomas’ affirmation of faith our own, and know Christ’s gift of peace. 
  • Our Mass attendance… on Easter was phenomenal! We’re grateful to all who were here. Typically, some people come to church on holidays who aren’t regular attendees. If you know someone like this, why not reach out and invite them to worship with us each week? Nothing works better than a personal invitation. Be an evangelizer!