Pastor's Desk December 2, 2018

Nov 29, 2018

We begin again. This first Sunday of Advent is the beginning of a new liturgical year, in a sense, it is New Year’s Day for us. Advent has a two-fold character: it begins by looking forward to the second coming of Christ and then transitions into a joyful preparation for the Solemnity of Christmas, in which we recall Jesus’ first coming. The focus of Advent is one of joyful and hopeful anticipation. We open our hearts and prepare to welcome our Savior in new and exciting ways into our lives and our world. The purple of Advent is closer to blue than the violet of the Lenten season, but to have a good Lent, we must first have a good Advent. 

Advent comes at the worst possible time as we are very busy with work, holiday preparations and parties, baking and cooking, cleaning and decorating. In the midst of all this, Advent calls us to watch and wait for the Lord. The Advent wreath calls us to shine with the light of Christ, to make our world brighter through generosity, love and kindness. As the wreath grows brighter each week, we enlighten and brighten the world around us with the love of our Savior, the true light of the world. 

This Advent, let us be “wait watchers”, to borrow a phrase from a major business that asks us to watch our pounds fall away through diet and exercise. I’m asking that we all wait and watch for the Lord by filling our lives with acts of service, love and giving. That other business reminds us that we have so many points to spend in a day of eating. For Advent, we as people who wait and watch, will gain points through every act of service. So set a goal for yourself each week and see if you can attain it. 

I have always been an Advent advocate. It is a rich and beautiful season full of blessings if we fully embrace its call. Though the nights are longer and the weather is colder, the light of Christ breaks through the darkness and the warmth of Christ surrounds us with the embrace of God’s love. Let us shine brightly and together have a good and blessed Advent.