Pastor's Desk December 23, 2018

Dec 21, 2018

This Fourth Sunday of Advent calls us to reflect on the fulfillment of God’s design that is near at hand. As we hear the story of the Visitation, we look deep in our hearts and allow the Lord to shepherd us in the ways of holiness, grace and peace. As we prepare to celebrate the great Feast of Christmas and the glory of the Incarnation, we are reminded that Jesus, our light and Savior, was one like us in all things but sin. He came to live among us. He made his home with us. We make our home in Him. 

As we celebrate the Birth of the Lord, we examine all of the ways God has visited his people. He came to us at Bethlehem to be our light and Savior. He came to bring the good news of forgiveness and salvation. He came to deliver us from all fear, sin and death. He is our newborn King. As the angel proclaimed, we too sing Glory to God in the Highest and peace to His people on earth. 

It seems hard to believe that I have been with you for a little over six months now. While there have been many challenges, there has also been a great deal of prayerful friendship and support from all of you. I am so very grateful for the gift of this parish community and for all that you do for our parish. In you, I see that God continues to visit his people and do great things for his Church and our world. For all of the ways you have inspired me and encouraged me, I feel blessed. You are a living presence of God in my life and my ministry. 

To my brother priests, Fr. Chepponis and Fr. Bedillion and Deacon Bill, I am lucky to have you as our parish team. Your loving service and constant dedication are amazing. To our devoted staff, thank you for all the hours and effort you put in to assist our parishes in carrying out our mission. To our truly wonderful parishioners, thank you for your ministries, service and support. These are the best Christmas gifts in the world. 

The hardest part of having two wonderful parish families is that I can’t be with all of you on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but I promise you that I will hold you all in my thoughts and prayers throughout this holy season. You are the best gift I could receive, and I wish you all the joys and blessings of the Christmas Season, Merry Christmas and may God bless you all today and always. 

With love and prayers, 

Fr. Peter