Pastor's Desk December 24, 2017

Dec 21, 2017

  • This year’s Advent season… was the shortest it could be, since Christmas Eve is just a few hours after our last mass for the 4th Sunday of Advent. In these final hours before Christmas, the Gospel reading shows Mary as a model of faith and trust. May we follow Mary’s example, so that our faith in God this Christmas might be stronger. 
  • Christmas masses… Please take note of the Christmas season mass schedule, which is printed again in today’s bulletin. I will be the celebrant for all four Christmas masses scheduled here at St. John’s. It’s always the case that Christmas masses in any church have many visitors. We heartily welcome them! However, our parking lot and church get very crowded, especially at the Christmas Eve 5:00 mass. Come early to get a parking spot as well as a good seat in church! Finally, please bring with you to church an extra dose of Christmas spirit and patience! 
  • Christmas second collection… The second collection on Christmas is the annual Collection for Children and Youth. All proceeds will be used to support a number of diocesan programs that serve children and young people who depend on our generosity and our loving concern for them. As has been the practice in the past, this collection is credited toward our Parish Share goal. Please be generous. 
  • As a small token of thanks… we have Christmas gifts for our generous parish volunteers. The gifts are arranged alphabetically on tables in the church hall. I hope we didn’t inadvertently miss anyone! If so, please let me know. We’re blessed with many wonderful parishioners who volunteer their time and talent in so many ways. Thanks for your service! 
  • The parish office will be closed… on Tuesday, December 26th in order to allow our hard-working and dedicated parish staff to enjoy the holiday!