Pastor's Desk December 9, 2018

Dec 7, 2018

Today we hear the voice of John the Baptist asking us to prepare the way of the Lord while the prophet, Baruch, tells us to put on the splendor and glory of our God. Today we light our second candle and our Advent wreath glows even brighter. As we put on the glory of our God, our world sees more of the light of Christ shining through us. 

While the first focus of Advent is the second coming of Jesus, this focus is one of joyful anticipation because our fulfillment in God is coming. This is not a season of dread and fear. This is a season that calls us to a deeper faith and stillness in the Lord, a joyful anticipation of the coming of his reign. The message is actually that God is preparing a path for us to come home to him. Our part is to be fully open to his power and his presence so that we are ready to be at home with him. It is a time of homecoming joy. 

Each time we offer a prayer for another person we are putting on the splendor of God. Each time we forgive a hurt, we are putting on the splendor of God. Each time we listen to our parents, hug our children and show love and respect for others, we are putting on the splendor of our God. The message is to shine brightly with and within that splendor. God will lower the mountains and smooth out the hills and valleys for us. God wants us with him forever. 

So, shine brighter in these weeks of Advent. Hold your head up. The Lord is coming with salvation. The Lord is near in love. When we love, pray and wait in faith, we shine with the great glow of our new life in Jesus Christ. Let us together light the world and break through the darkness. With God at our side and clothed in his glory, everything is possible. Shine on!