Pastor's Desk February 10, 2019

Feb 8, 2019

We are called and chosen. We are anointed in baptism and sent forth to proclaim the good news of salvation. We are sent to bring other women and men to the joy we have found in following Jesus. Jesus is our rock and our foundation and we are his church, the people of God. Today, as a Church, we are facing some dark and difficult times. There is a sense of great discouragement and disappointment among us. We feel let down and hurt. We feel much like the disciples felt that long night when they caught no fish. Today Jesus, as he did that day, tells us to go out into deeper waters where we will find a great catch. 

We cannot be afraid to share our faith story. Look into the depth of your heart and share the joy you find in following Jesus. As you serve and love your sisters and brothers, you become the face of Jesus, a living portrait of faith, hope and love. In the midst of our current darkness, we can stand as a light just as we have done for centuries. There is no doubt that these are challenging times for us, but we must see the good we have done and continue to do as the people of God. WE are still bringing others to Jesus through our word and example. WE still show the face of God in our every act of prayerful love. 

So, let us once again lower our nets. Let us do the good work entrusted to our care. As disciples of the risen and living Christ, let us rise from the darkness to a glorious new day for the people of God. Let Jesus break through our hurt and disappointment. Let us, in His holy name, bring others to him, the source of all life and love. Let us continue our work as fishers of men and women. There is still a great catch ahead of us if we have the wisdom and courage to move into deeper waters. 

I am so thankful for you and the great work you continue to do in the name of Our Lord. Fishing takes a great deal of patience, but also a lot of time and effort. For all that we have done, we give thanks. For all that Jesus calls us to do, we say yes.