Pastor's Desk February 3, 2019

Feb 1, 2019

The second reading today is one of the most popular choices for weddings. In these days of On Mission, as we seek to discover just how we at Saint John Capistran and Saint Thomas More will become one community of faith, the words of Paul seem quite apropos for us. While we are part of an arranged marriage, we have a long history of serving the Lord whenever and wherever he calls. We have our challenges, but we are two vibrant communities of faith, rooted in Jesus and His gospel seeking to do His work in our lives and in our world. We are a diverse community but one body. We come together as a community of different gifts united as one body in a common cause. We are here and we are strong. We share our stories, our histories and our faith. 

Today, and in moving forward, I propose that we allow the words of Paul to be our map for the present and the future. Let us come together, rooted in our faith, filled with hope for a glorious future and guided and informed by love. Love never ends and it is love that will bring us to our common vision and goal. So as we begin this mission, let us truly listen to each other in love. Let us be patient and take our time to craft and understand our vision. Let us not seek our own interests but the interests of this entire body. Let us avoid jealousy and pride. Let us open ourselves in love to be the best these two wonderful communities can be. Let us avoid fear and celebrate the possibilities of our new future together. Let us not rush the process but rather let us gently come to carve out a single identity and purpose while respecting the foundation of goodness and love we have already established. I see us as two brightly burning flames in Christ alive in His Holy Spirit. Now those two bright flames will become one greater flame with the possibility of a new and holy Pentecost event. We are being joined and sent to do great things. 

I am honored and happy to be working with you on this great adventure. I believe that we will do this with all the strength of our living faith, our vibrant hope and our deep love and respect for each other. While parts of this task may be fearful, I am confident that we have nothing of which to be afraid. We will not allow Jesus to walk through us, but will walk with Him, for Him and through Him on this journey. We are one Body in Christ. This is our mission and our destiny. Let us allow Jesus, through our cooperation, to do great things among us, in his home, his native place. Love bears all things, endures all things, believes all things, hopes all things. I believe in us.