Pastor's Desk January 13, 2019

Jan 11, 2019

“In you I am well pleased . . .” These words, spoken by the Father on the Feast of The Baptism of Jesus, mark the beginning of Jesus public ministry. This great feast, which marks the end of the Christmas season and the beginning of ordinary time, remind us that our ministry is also a public ministry in which we bring the light and love of Christ to all those we meet. As God’s beloved daughters and sons, we are sent forth as disciples to build up the Kingdom of God. Our God and Father is also pleased with us and is confident that we can accomplish his work in the world. 

As we recall our baptism this day, we acknowledge that we are still being perfected by the living water of Jesus. Through him, we seek to be the best we can be for our God and all those around us. The sacramental character of Baptism empowers us to share in the three ministries of Jesus as priest, prophet and king. We bring God’s word to every situation. We share the life and love of Jesus with those people whom God places in our hearts and lives. We too become a source of living water. 

Through our baptismal promises, we commit to building a world centered on holiness, justice, grace and peace. Each one of us is gifted in grace and we use those gifts to build up our faith community as well as the community at large. For us, the Mass never really ends, but is an ongoing mission to live Christ each and every day. We are his beloved. WE are his sons and daughters. We are his people. Our Baptism is God’s seal on us and our constant invitation and challenge to minister in the name of Jesus each day.