Pastor's Desk January 6,2019

Jan 4, 2019

The Feast of the Epiphany commemorates the revelation of Jesus as the Savior of the World. Technically, it recalls that the three wise men came to offer Jesus their homage and bring gifts to the newborn King. Yet, the word itself, though it means the appearance or manifestation of a divine being, it can also mean an illuminating discovery or realization. So what will we see manifested as we move to our future as one vibrant parish? What will our future hold as we come together? If we manifest or show Jesus to each other, our future is very bright. I think we are going to shine. 

This process may not be an easy one, but we are dedicated to following Jesus and walking together in faith, hope and love. As we come to know each other, Jesus will be revealed in our new bond of friendship and cooperation. We will continue to minister to the Lord as we always have while we find new ways to expand that ministry to God’s people. We will continue to live and share the good news of the Gospel as we walk together on our new path. We will try, in all that we are, say and do, to be a living manifestation of Jesus Christ. 

Some may think I am over confident and I might be that eternal optimist, but I do believe that we have all the tools necessary to shine like that star over Bethlehem. Today, God the Father is literally showing off his Son. This is the work of evangelization: we meet each other where we are on the road and walk together as we draw ever closer to Our Father, in Jesus, through the Holy Spirit. So, let be show offs! Let’s show Jesus to each other and to all who come our way. I believe we will do it and do it well. Happy Epiphany!