Pastor's Desk July 8, 2018

Jul 6, 2018

  • What does it mean … to be a prophet? Our first reading and Gospel explore this idea today. There are several definitions of “prophet.” One is “a person who fearlessly proclaims God’s word.” We are all called to do just that. May we have the courage to be a prophetic voice in a secular society. 
  • When you’re on vacation… don’t forget to go to Mass! A handy website is available to locate churches throughout the country and find their Mass times: Also, when you’re away, you can keep in touch with St. John Capistran by accessing our parish website, Our weekly bulletin is downloaded there, as well as other parish information. 
  • All Liturgical Ministers… Please remember to arrange for a substitute if you’re scheduled for one of our weekend masses while you may be away on vacation. We’re fortunate that many parishioners volunteer their time and talent in the service of the liturgy. You have a very important role, and we miss you when you’re not here!