Pastor's Desk June 10, 2018

Jun 8, 2018

  • Sometimes… we blame other people for our mistakes or bad decisions. When confronted, a person might say, perhaps half jokingly, “The Devil made me do it!” Well, that’s the excuse used in our first reading today by Adam & Eve! Jesus talks more about the devil in today’s Gospel. When tempted to do something wrong, may we instead do the right thing, and follow the way of Jesus. 
  • After-mass Socials… are held following all masses this weekend. If you can, stop by the church hall for some food and fellowship. Come one, come all! 
  • Thanks… to our parish choirs for giving their time and talent to enhance our liturgies this past year. Our choirs are now taking a well-deserved summer break. We especially thank our parish music director, Kevin Maurer, who has done wonderful things with our parish Music Ministry. 
  • Thanks… to those who arranged for our annual Anointing of the Sick mass held last Wednesday, especially the members of our Ladies of Charity who sponsor this annual event which celebrates the healing power of our Lord. 
  • Thanks… to all who helped make the celebration for our graduating high school seniors last Sunday so meaningful. Special thanks to our parish Youth Minister, Doug Beasock, who organized the event.