Pastor's Desk November 25, 2018

Nov 21, 2018

As we hear Jesus speak the truth to Pilate this day, we are reminded that we follow Jesus as our way, our truth and our life. Centered in Jesus, we bring to the world a vision of faith, hope, love and holiness. We have a King that serves, a King that poured out his life for us to conquer sin and death. We are alive through and for this King. As he poured himself out for us, we now pour out our very selves in his service and in the service of others. He gave everything for us that we might live for him.               

As the beloved of Jesus, Henri Nouwen, relates, “we must listen to the one who calls us his beloved. This is prayer: listening to the voice of God.” As we pray to God and ask him to assist us in our need, we know that he listens and answers our prayers always seeking what is best for us. In our prayer, we also listen to His voce so that we might discern all that our Savior calls us to do. He will tells us how we might best serve in his name. This is how we honor Christ Our King. We serve as he did, giving all that we are, say and do to bring glory to his name and goodness to all the people God places in our hearts and lives. 

So today, as we celebrate our King in all his glory as the King of the Universe, we pray that we may listen to him. We pray that we may serve in his name. We pray that someday, we as good and faithful servants may share in his glory because we have shared the truth of his gospel, the truth of his love and the truth of his ministry. We pray, We listen. We believe. We serve. As Saint Ignatius Loyola tells us, we do it all for the greater glory of God.