Pastor's Desk October 7, 2018

Oct 5, 2018

  • Marriage … is the focus of today’s first reading and Gospel. Marriage is a sacrament, and husbands and wives are called to let love deepen and mature as the years go on, “for better, for worse.” It’s a challenge, and married couples will receive strength when they stay close to God and the church. 
  • Today… is Respect Life Sunday. May we treasure the lives God has given us, and may we see all life as God’s gift. 
  • The month of October… is traditionally a month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The rosary is prayed in our church after the weekday morning mass. Consider praying the rosary at church or at home, perhaps for respect life intentions. 
  • This Sunday afternoon… the annual “Golden Wedding Anniversary” mass is held at St. Paul Cathedral. I direct the Diocesan Choir for this celebration. We congratulate all these couples, especially those from our own parish who will celebrate anniversaries this year. 

“Octoberguest”… As we now move forward in becoming one family of faith, we are bringing together two outstanding communities filled with good and faithful servants of the Lord. On October 15, our new Mass and Reconciliation schedule will begin, our first step together. I am confident that we will begin with a spirit of welcome and hospitality. Fr. Peter and I are suggesting that we have an“ Octoberguest” program. We are asking that you, on one Sunday in October, visit Saint Thomas More for Mass and that our friends at Saint Thomas More visit here for one Mass. No one will check up on you, but it is a way we can learn about each other and our two wonderful churches. Our new team of priests will begin rotating Masses between the sites as well. Let us make the most of our new beginnings.